With nearly 1.75 billion people using English as their primary (or second) language English is among the world’s most used languages around the world.

It is therefore logical that the majority of universities across the world will expect their students who are international to display some level of proficiency in writing, speaking and comprehending English.

Admissions officers are looking to ensure that you’ll succeed in your studies as they will be taught by a teacher in English with no difficulties in speaking. 

They are aware that you must actively participate in class discussions, comprehend the textbooks, and finish the assignments in order to complete your studies and advance toward a brighter future.

When you show your English capabilities through the English competency test, you show the school that you have the necessary language skills to be successful.

The requirement for universities to know the degree of English proficiency isn’t just about academics. 

They understand that your ability to communicate and understand English can greatly improve your education experience when you interact with, and interact with students who were raised in a home with English as their primary language. They also recognize that the more you understand about the English spoken language, the higher your chances of success after you graduate, regardless of where you’ll be working.

What English exam should you be taking?

Although there are a variety of tests for English, there are several reasons that make the TOEFL test by ETS stand out other tests due to their reputation for their unbeatable quality.
The TOEFL IBT test, for example, is based upon rigorous research. Every question is analyzed for fairness, so that no one group of people will enjoy unjust advantages.

 Today, TOEFL iBT scores are accepted by more than 11,500 institutions around the world which makes it the most reliable exam of it’s kind. This TOEFL Essentials test is a continuation of this tradition of top-quality tests that are of the highest standard.

Of course, there’s another reason why to take a TOEFL test could be the best option for you. Since its inception over 35 million other students from around the world have put their trust in the test.

English ability

Select the test for TOEFL that is right for you.

If you want to do your best in the English exam for proficiency, you must feel confident about the test you choose. This is the reason TOEFL gives you two options of The TOEFL iBT(r) exam or TOEFL(r) Essentials(tm) examination.

The tests assess the 4 essential language skills – listening, Reading writing, Listening and Speaking — to make certain that you possess the required English abilities to be successful within the school setting. Both are recognized by universities across the world.

The TOEFL IBT test

In the past it has become clear that over the years, TOEFL iBT examination has evolved into the most trusted and widely accepted English tests for proficiency. It’s comprised of only academic content. It also has longer deep tasks that test your English abilities in the same way as they are taught in a classroom at a university.

 The Speaking section on computers of the test is based on the same method and records your responses to screen prompts.

The content of the TOEFL IBT test is selected to give the most accurate evaluation of your educational English capabilities and assures it is guaranteed that your TOEFL scores are a true reflection of your capabilities.

The TOEFL IBT test can take about 3 hours to complete , and is accompanied by a 10-minute break. It is possible to complete this TOEFL iBT test in one of three options that include the traditional test which is that is conducted on a computer in testing centers and it’s the TOEFL iBT home Edition as well as an alternative test called the TOEFL iBT paper Edition.

Test for TOEFL Essentials

Created to assess the fundamental aspects of proficiency in English, the material that is included on the TOEFL Essentials test assesses both general and academic use.

 It provides a more rapid-paced and more enjoyable format, with short tasks that are adapted to your level of proficiency as you take the test in order to reveal your strengths in English.

Instead of a conventional computer-based speaking section instead, the TOEFL Essentials test features an interactive virtual interview that is simulated using an interviewer recorded in advance for an interactive experience.

 You also have the possibility of creating an individual video statement to express your thoughts and show your personality.

It is the TOEFL Essentials test is administered at home and takes approximately 90 minutes to pass. It’s also cheaper than other tests that require English proficiency.

Let’s review. You must demonstrate to the universities that you are proficient in English through the English competency test. This TOEFL examination is the standard of excellence that is trusted by admissions officers from all universities. 

The test is now available to the option of choosing between two exceptional tests.

There’s one more question to be answered: Are more of a TOEFL Essentials test-taker or a TOEFL iBT type of test-taker? Visit ets.org/TOEFL to find out.

Accepted by over 11,500 institutions across over 160 countries and more than 160 countries, the TOEFL IBT test is regarded as being the standard in English proficiency tests. The institutions trust TOEFL scores due to the test’s academic focus, the established high standards of excellence, and fair and impartial scoring.